Apprenticeship Vs College

Why is a apprenticeship better than going to college? In September 2013 I started at a sixth form college studying Business, Media, English and Photography. The social side was great because I met so many new people however, the educational side I found difficult. Not because I didn’t understand the work, it was that I didn’t understand what would happen after I had left 2 years later.

I found a couple of apprenticeships online which I put myself forward to and landed myself with a business administration apprenticeship with The Guardian Newspaper.

But how do I know I made the right decision?

Work experience- Work experience is so important on a CV because it proves to employers that you are capable of doing a job without a lot of training. Unlike people with the necessary qualifications only, you will have the ability as well as the qualifications.

Pay- You get paid for doing the job. It may not be a lot to begin with but that is up to your employer, and it’s better than working evening or weekends, like you would need to to get a bit of money.

Qualifications- At the same time as working you will gain the necessary qualifications

University- Just because you’ve started work doesn’t mean you can’t still go to Uni. The qualifications you gain from apprenticeships still allow you to go on to University, however it may take a little longer.

The only problem that may be faced is that not all occupations offer apprenticeships. Why don’t you see if yours does today by just clicking the link below.

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